sugaring or waxing


Professional cosmetics for depilation

Italwax - professional cosmetics for waxing produced under strict supervision of its private laboratory in Milan. The factory is fitted with the newest German and Italian equipment that keeps intact our natural and organic raw materials used during production process.

All Italwax waxes have a high adhesiveness (the ability to securely engage with hairs), which makes the hair removal procedure most effective, fast, safe and relatively painless.

I like to use wax from Premium Series

New generation of hypoallergenic waxes for sensitive skin.

Low temperature wax (+38°C). Wax is extra flexible, intended to be used for hair removal on delicate areas (bikini, face, armpits).

Sugar Paste Italwax

Sugar Paste is a new, absolutely hypoallergenic product created in accordance with the traditional recipe "nothing extra": only edible sugars and corn starch. It does not contain citric acid - main ingredient causing the allergic reaction.