Concentrated lotion - 680Kč

It slows and reduces regrowth by a mechanical vasoconstrictor and healing process by means of the enzymatic effects of pawpaw and soya extracts. It also helps restore the hydrolipidic film altered by the waxing process. Particularly recommended for dry and demineralised skin, it acts like a repairing serum by offering a genuine beauty coctail in its concentrated formula. 

Instructions for use:

Treatment (box) under the usual body treatment product (Velvet body milk, "Delice de Peau" cream, Sensual oil). Recommended at the end of winter and at the end of summer to combat drying and premature aging of the epidermis party due the harsh cold and long period on the sun. 


A duel effect that works on both hair and the skin's appearance by maintaining suppleness and elasticity.  

50 ml spray
Sea collagen, sea elastin, allantoin, Roman camomile, lemon, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, arnica, birch, horsetail, menthol essential oils, vitamins A, E, F, pawpaw extract, soya protein hydrolysates.