Freshness deodorant roll-on - 525Kč

These two deodorant products contain no alcohol and have the special characteristic of being able to be applied directly after a waxing. 

They act in several different ways at the same time:

  •     neutralising the smell of perspiration without impeding it
  •     normalising perspiration without changing the natural process
  •     reducing regrowth and weakening the hair after depilation
  •     moisturising the surface, cleansing and softening the skin (for the cream)
Instructions for using:

apply the product by directly rolling on the skin, no need to massage. Does not leave white marks on clothing.


well-being, freshness and softness on a daily basis with, in the long term, progressive reduction and weakening of hair regrowth. 

40 ml roll-on bottle
Preventol SB, aluminium sesquichlorohydrate, ARP 100.