"When a woman is happy everybody wins" 

Permanentní makeup - I use modern techniques from world-wide known PMU masters, maximum quality pigments BIOTEK , and the best Stylus Evo tattoo machine from BIOTEK. The goal of my work - a natural and inconspicuous outcome. The best reward for me is when customers are proud that no one can notice that they have Permanent makeup.

Skin Care - products based on highly concentrated active ingredients, delivering visible resultsfrom HL company.

Depilation - I have a long-term experience in this area, I use waxes or sugar paste made by ItalWax.

Body care - body massages, whole body peeling, anti - cellulite treatments, back cleaning.

 I'm looking forward to your visit!                                                               Victoria Kuts

Service Pricelist

Permanent makeup - Consultation

0 Kč

Permanent makeup - (Brows,  Eyes or Lips)

4000 Kč

Permanent makeup- Between the eyelashes - (upper)

2500 Kč

Permanent makeup - Сorrection

up to 3 months


Permanent makeup - Сorrection
from 3 to 12 months


Permanent makeup - Refresh
 from 1 to 1.5 years


Cosmetic treatment 75 min  (sensitive skin, hydration, men's skin, problematic skin) 

1500 Kč

Cosmetic treatment 90 min (anti-age programs)

1800 Kč

Ultrasonic skin cleansing 45min (surface cleaning, softening, ultrasonic cleaning, mask and cream)

900 Kč

Diamond microdermabrasion 45min (surface cleansing, toning, cleaning with diamond microdermabrasion, mask and cream)

900 Kč

Face and neck massage + mask 45min

900 Kč

Eyelash tinting
RefectoCil, InLei

200 Kč

Eyebrow tinting
RefectoCil, InLei

200 Kč

Eyebrow correction

wax, tweezers

200 Kč

Eyebrow correction + tinting + Eyelash tinting
 Refectocil, Inlei

500 Kč

Eyebrow lamination 
Long-term styling of restless eyebrows in the desired shape.

700 Kč

Lamination + tinting
InLei tinting - gentle color with 1.5% Oxidant

800 Kč

Eyebrow tinting HENNA
Eyebrow mapping, wax, tweezers, Ombre effect 

500 Kč

Body Care Peeling the whole body 30min

500 Kč

Body Care Peeling the whole body + wrap 45min

900 Kč

Body Care Back cleaning with wrap 60min  
surface cleaning, peeling, softener, deep cleaning ultrasonic spatula, regenerative wrap, highly hydrating and soothing emulsion

1400 Kč

Body Care Relaxing massage 60min-90min 
Using Body Oil with a high concentration of CDB to rejuvenate the body and relax. It serves to calm, release the body from stress and tension, relieve back pain, stiff neck and restore vital energy

1000 - 1500 Kč

Body Care Lymphatic massage upper or lower halves of the body - 60min

It is used to restore and increase lymph circulation. Relieves swelling of the legs and other parts of the body.

1000 Kč

Body Care Anti-cellulite program 60min
firming peeling, manual massage combined with massage

rollers and vacuum flasks using shaping oil, firming cream

1000 Kč

Depilation - Women

(Upper lip, Beard, Cheeks, Nos or Ears)

100 Kč

Depilation - Women The whole face

350 Kč

Depilation - Women Armpit

250 Kč

Depilation - Women 1/2 Hands

300 Kč

Depilation - Women  The whole hands

500 Kč

Depilation - Women Calves or Thighs

400 Kč

Depilation - Women The whole legs

750 Kč

Depilation - Women  Buttocks (outer side)

350 Kč

Depilation - Women Buttocks (inner side)

300 Kč

Depilation - Women  The whole Buttocks

500 Kč

Depilation - Women Groin

300 Kč

Depilation - Women Bikiny (Groin + Buttocks (inner side)

500 Kč

Depilation - Women Brazilian waxing

800 Kč

Depilation - Women  Package (Armpit+Legs+Brazilian) - 10%

1600 Kč

Depilation - Women Whole body (Brazilian, Buttocks, Legs, Hands, Armpit)

2250 Kč

Depilation - Men Armpit

300 Kč

Depilation - Men Shoulders

300 Kč

Depilation - Men Whole back

800 Kč