Permanent Makeup After Care Instructions

The healing time for each individual lasts on average for 4-7 days. It is necessary to:

- keep the application site clean and dry
- do not use any cosmetics, creams, and make-up
- do not visit a sauna or swimming pool
- avoiding high physical strain
- not to use medications used to enhance immunity
Do not expose yourself to solar rays for at least 1 month (wear sunglasses, otherwise hat or cap), use sun cream with 50SPF.
On the day of the application, wipe the application area every hour using a cotton pad to remove lymph.
For the next days few let it dry. In case of feeling of tightness, treat lips and eyebrows gently with Vaseline (for smoothening hard and dry skin) or Bepanten plus (disinfects and heals) until the scars heal. Eyes do not need to be wiped.
After a shower, immediately dry the application area with a dry clean paper napkin.
In any case, do not remove scars, let them heal by themselves! Allow your healing skin to peel off naturally, avoid scars, or premature pigment loss. For some clients the pigment heals unevenly, if so, it will be added on your next visit, which is usually 45 days after the first visit. However no later than 3 months.